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The Global Ocean Trust was formed to think about things differently.  Many organisations work tirelessly towards protecting the oceans, but sometimes an additional perspective can help to keep things moving forward.   Our aim is to bring new technologies, partnerships and new sources of finance to provide much needed resource and focus on the task ahead.  Through engaging a broad range of public and private parties to protecting the ocean new opportunities can be created, which in turn support the marine infrastructure and assist with addressing key marine conservation challenges.  Concepts such as global and regional ocean finance mechanisms and public private partnerships in ocean sustainability, infrastructure and technology.

Through promoting ocean optimism, designing innovative solutions and developing financing options, we aim to encourage influencers and stakeholders to engage productively with the ocean and to embrace the opportunities that are available to sustain the resource that provides every human with life.

We are a group of experienced conservationists from around the world who offer a different perspective for advice, support and resources to deliver new ideas and implement best practices for pragmatic solutions to ocean challenges.

We hope you join our journey.